Here at True Health and Wellness LLC, we have many different services to fit your specific needs. Whether you are experiencing back pain, feeling out of alignment, dealing with stress, needing help with finding the right vitamins specifically for you, or are just looking to improve your health, we can help.

To assist all of our patients, we offer the following services:

Wellness Care

There are a plethora of things you can do to improve your health. These include chiropractic care with appropriate therapies; nutritional evaluations incorporating Zyto technology, kinesiology, or labs when necessary; allergy elimination with NAET; and emotional release techniques with NET. We are here to help you find the technique(s) that are the best fit for your goals in achieving optimal health.

Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractic adjustment can make your body feel amazing. Other terms used for chiropractic adjustments are: chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation. The adjustment refers to the manipulation of the vertebrae(bones) that have abnormal movement and are not functioning properly. A chiropractic adjustment will assist in restoring proper movement. When this happens, pressure is also taken off of the nerves and muscles and it allows for nutrients to get to the spine and toxins to exit. This aids in decreasing inflammation and preventing arthritis.

Therapy Modalities

Therapy modalities can help balance the body’s musculature, decrease inflammation, and decrease pain. The therapies used in this office include Electric Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound, Massage chair, and manual myofascial release.

Corrective Exercises

You will occasionally be given corrective exercises that can assist in eliminating pain. These exercises will strengthen and correct the imbalances of your body. Most of these exercises are able to be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Nutritional Support:

Zyto Technology

Everybody (and every body) is different, often making it difficult to know what nutritional support is best for you. Now you can use the innovative ZYTO scan technology to discover information specific to your body’s unique needs.

Using ZYTO biocommunication, you are able to gather a vast amount of data about your body and see a graph of the current functional status of the organs of your body. ZYTO scans are a stimulus-response exchange between ZYTO software and your body. The responses generated by your body’s energetic system are tracked using the ZYTO software and provide valuable information.
Many people choose to take nutritional supplements but guess as to what supplement will work best. Even though a supplement may work for someone else, how do you know it’s providing the support you need at the present time?

Using ZYTO biocommunication you can discover specific, individualized information that will help you design a personalized health and nutrition program specific to your body’s needs. ZYTO scan technology provides insights and information that can make a significant difference. In other words, you might discover that your body has a biological preference. On a basic level, ZYTO technology is designed to energetically ask your body questions and then analyze your body’s specific responses.


Assessing what your nutritional needs are can also be done with kinesiology. This technique uses the body’s muscle response to irritants or helpful substances coming in to the body’s energy field. The doctor looks for a change in strength to determine if a substance is helpful in correcting an imbalance in the body. This gives a very real time picture of where the physiology of the body is operating and what can be done to assist it in functioning optimally. Nutrients can be selected which very specifically address your imbalances.


Not every patient will need lab work, but a variety of different lab panels and other tests can be ordered if necessary. We do not take insurance, so some patients prefer to get their lab work done through their primary care doctor. Always feel free to check with us, many times the cost may be less at our office.


Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique is an innovative treatment for allergies that is completely natural, painless and non-invasive. This method can be used safely on anyone, even newborn infants and the elderly. NAET can also be used to treat healthy individuals with hidden allergies that could cause illness in the future. In addition, NAET can complement other medical therapies requiring the use of pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiation) by balancing and building the immune system to maximize healing. NAET is a solution that provides relief from adverse reactions to allergens, empowering people to live healthier, much happier lives.


NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that can help improve many behavioral and physical conditions.NET Practitioners are nearly unlimited in their ability to address the physical and behavioral stress-related conditions of their patients. These conditions include headaches, body pains, phobias, general anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviors, organ dysfunctions and so much more. It’s important to note that NET does not cure or heal the patient, but rather, NET removes blocks to the natural vitalism of the body, “allowing” the body to repair itself naturally.

These are just some of the services that we provide here at True Health and Wellness LLC. We love providing our patients with the opportunity to live an enjoyable and pain-free life. So don’t hesitate, call us today and let us help you begin your journey to optimal health!

If you have any questions about the services that we provide our patients, please contact us today at (407) 506-8985.